Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Fox River in Spring

Fox River + Rain = Community Storm Event

When it rains it pours! As most of us in Kenosha County know it, when it rains the Fox River can rise at a rapid rate. Throwing us into our own community storm surge. Looking into the Spring forecast, we may have a wet one this year. Here at SERVPRO of South Kenosha County, we just want our community to know we always do our best to try to help everyone out. We got your back and understand the mess that you’re going through.

In the time of need, you may not be the only one, BUT we are always working at our best and full capacity to keep the community on their feet.

Next time you’re in need. Call us to help mitigate the problem.


Backside of Drywall, See gorwth

After a Storm, Call the Professionals

The Fox River is known for flowing over... us locals know that by now. When that storm comes rolling through, we all know to keep a watch on our basements, in case of a sump pump failure leading to a backup. I know most of us fear leaving for work and coming home to a flooded basement.

We know water damage is a scary and STRESSFUL thing. Sometimes we’re all trying to save money and cut corners, but when it comes to water damage it may be best to leave it to the professionals. We have the knowledge and tools to serve you and get your property back to be loss conditions. If you take on this project alone, please ensure that your affected area is dried to industry standards. If there is moisture still trapped in those walls or hidden locations, you might end up with something like this photo. Growth can be very dangerous and affect your health. 

Spooky house with van

We are there for you!

It's spooky season and we're sticking around! This Halloween we are starting off with a wicked snowstorm! SERVPRO of South Kenosha County loves to remind children and families to be careful on such a stormy night. Make sure you are visible as the sun goes down and the trick or treaters come out. With the snow fall, it tends to be more difficult to see pedestrians at night. Have fun and collect a lot of sweet treats and goodies!

Stay safe and warm!

Weatherman Predicts Heavy Rainfall

It all started when the weatherman forecasts heavy amounts of rain last week in the Southern Kenosha area. This Pleasant Prairie homeowner was very worried when he went to his basement to see what seeping up the stairs. This sump pump failure caused it to leave 3 stairs underwater with about 2 feet of standing water in the whole basement.

We extracted the water as soon as we could to get this family taken care of and get their child back playing in the basement. Unfortunately, they weren’t the only homeowner to go through this.

 We were back logged with multiple calls during this flood run, but SERVPRO of South Kenosha County was here to help be the heroes we are. Taking care of those who were affected by the storms.