Recent Before & After Photos

Recovering Hardwood Floors

The one thing that SERVPRO of South Kenosha County tries to do is SAVE, SAVE, SAVE. At this homeowner's water loss, her hardwood floors were saturated due to th... READ MORE

Fire Damage to Residential Home

Our first question on the site, “is everyone okay?”Fire Damage is by far the scariest type of damage to watch. The flames overtaking anything it can... READ MORE

Saturated Carpet

BEFORE: Shown in the "before" photo is carpet from a basement which was saturated from a sump pump back up. SERVPRO of South Kenosha County is here to help... READ MORE

Attic Mold Remediation in South Kenosha

This South Kenosha homeowner thought she had a potential microbial growth issue in her attic. SERVPRO of South Kenosha County was there to help her analyze and ... READ MORE

Drying Out Living Room from a Water Loss

Shown above is a home that was affected due to a water loss in South Kenosha. In this situation, the homeowners walls and floors were saturated and needed to be... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in South Kenosha Home

This South Kenosha family discovered extensive microbial growth in their home, thanks to a roof leak that went undetected for a couple weeks. Believe it or... READ MORE